HPL Assemblies

Meta-Thinking and Black History Month (11.10.21)

16.7.21 - Mrs Fulton's Assembly

HPL: Resilience - Mr Goldhawk Assembly 12.7.21

Mrs Fulton's HPL Assembly 9.7.21

5.7.21 - Mr Goldhawk's Assembly (Risk Taking)

Mrs Fulton's HPL Assembly (2.7.21) London Maths Week

'The Power of Yet' Assembly - 21.6.21

Mrs Fulton's Assembly 18.6.21

Mrs Fulton's HPL Assembly 11.6.21

HPL Assembly: The Power of Yet (Mr Goldhawk Assembly - 14.6.21)

HPL Assembly 7.6.21 'The Power of Yet'

'Do we only use HPL in the classroom?' Mr Goldhawk Assembly 25.4.21

HPL Assembly (17.5.21)

HPL: Enquiry (Mr Goldhawk Assembly 19.4.21)

Mr Goldhawk Assembly 29.3.21

HPL: Open-Minded (Mrs Fulton's Assembly 26.3.21)

HPL: Open-Minded (Mr Goldhawk Assembly 22.3.21)

HPL: Creative and Enterprising (Mrs Fulton's Assembly 19.3.21)

HPL: Creative and Enterprising (15.3.21 - Mr Goldhawk Assembly)

HPL: Collaborative (Mrs Fulton's Assembly 12.3.21)

HPL: Collaboration (Mr Goldhawk Assembly 10.3.21)

HPL: Confidence 5.3.21

HPL: Confidence (Mr Goldhawk Assembly 3.10.21)

Mr Miracapillo's Assembly 1.3.21 HPL: Confident

Mrs Fulton's HPL Assembly 26.2.21 (Concern for Society)

HPL: Concern for Society (Mr Goldhawk Assembly 24.2.21)

Mr Miracapillo's Assembly 22.2.21 HPL: Concerned for society

Mr Goldhawk's Wednesday Assembly 10.2.21 (HPL: Perseverance)

Mr Miracapillo's assembly 8.2.21 HPL: Perseverance

Mrs Fulton's Assembly - Friday 5th February 2021

Mr Goldhawk's Assembly (Practice and Resilience) Wednesday 3rd February

Mr Miracapillo's Assembly 1.2.21 HPL: Practice and Resilience

Mrs Fulton's Assembly 29.1.21

Mr Goldhawk's Assembly 27th January

Mr Miracapillo's Assembly 25th January 2021

Mrs Fulton's Assembly 22.1.21

Mr Goldhawk's Assembly 20th January 2021

Mr Miracapillo's whole-school assembly 18th January 2021

Mrs Fulton's Assembly 15th January 2021

Mr Goldhawk's Assembly 13th January 2021

Whole-School Assembly - 11th January 2021